Electrical Energy  
With more than ten years experience in the electrical sector, Delta
Comercializadora is a nationally well recognized and trusted
company. With a client portfolio which includes many of Brazil´s
major industrial companies, the company has been responsible for
more than $ 10 billion in energy trading with its clients.

Successful negotiations with remarkable results:
* Over $2 billion traded in auctions in 2010 (i.e. Santo Antonio Energia, ERSA, Brookfield and others).
* In 2004, Delta advised Cosipa and Usiminas on their $2 billion energy contract with Cemig.
* Structured Petrobras' first electricity sale to Celesc.

Full Service
Delta Comercializadora purchases and sells both conventional (hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants, fueled by natural gas, coal and oil) and alternative energy produced by PCHs(small hydro plants), biomass-fired power plants (which use sugarcane bagasse, rice husks, wood chips and waste gases as fuel) and wind farms. The company has:
* Operations in all 4 Brazilian submarkets (North, South, Northeast and Southeast/Midwest);
* Short, medium or long term contracts available (one month to 10 years);
* Electronic auctions to buy and sell energy, not only to consolidate Delta`s position, but also the clients as well;
* Acting accordingly to fulfill the needs of both the generators and consumers, studying the market and reacting to any fluctuations;
* Pre-set and post-set pricing for buying and selling power.