About Us  

The Delta Energy Group operates in three segments:
electrical energy, ethanol and biodiesel.
Nowadays, Delta is one of the most important companies
in the electricity market, operating in Brazil.
The company has an impressive portfolio which shows its extensive energy transactions, Delta can also provide specific customized services for both the free consumer and power producers.

The success on electricity business, with positive results since 2001, enabled the company to diversify into the ethanol and biofuel segments. Delta Comercializadora’s own resources were used to fund the investment in the ethanol and biofuel segments, turning the Delta Energia Group into an energy commodities company.

In the ethanol market, Delta´s high quality of service is well known. In Ribeirao Preto (SP), the company now owns 13 storage tanks, with a total capacity of 61 million liters of storage. The tank facility has its own onsite fully automated laboratory, this ensures a high level of quality control on all the ethanol entering the market.

As part of its continuing expansion, Delta Energia Group has entered into the biodiesel production market. The group´s new plant, located in Mato Grosso do Sul, is the one of the largest of its kind in Brazil. It has a current production capacity of 300,000 liters/day, with an expansion to 600,000 liters/day planned for the near future. Covering an area of 70,000m2, the plant produces clean fuel from vegetable oils.

Highly respected in its three divisions, The Delta Energia Group consolidates its position as one of the leading national energy commodity trading companies.


The Delta Energy Group is made up of a team of 200 professionals with activities throughout Brazil, Europe and the United States.

The group invests in highly qualified individuals, and all the team members have extensive experience in their field. Each of them is able to meet any challenge in their particular area/department of the business.